“Go ahead and cheer for the Canucks.” “Someone’s going to dump a beer on me.”

If you’re opposed to taking in refugees thinking they’re all terrorists, you can eat a bag of dicks and walk the fuck out of my life.

Moving along…

I had a half written post going for what seemed like weeks. Sunday I made a colossal error in judgement. I opted out of Apple’s Public Beta program as it was really screwing with my phone. I did the usual wipe + restore except when I tried to access my back up, it was still on the beta. You know what that means? I’m fucked. Right up the ass. I lost every photo I took between Jenn’s birthday party on the 24th and Sunday as I hadn’t backed up to Google Photos in that span.



Jenn won tickets to the Leafs/Canucks game Saturday night. If there was ever a reminder that I don’t care about Hockey, it was this game. It’s either I don’t care or I’ve been outright spoiled by the television product on the rare occasions I watch at home or in a bar. The Leafs played pretty well but it didn’t matter. I was just there to shoot the shit with Jenn and make fun of things. Apparently that was what a lot of people were there for because the ACC crowd was DEAD! I quick word with Marie let me know that is pretty much the norm. If I was a pro sports player, I would be pretty dejected if 18000 or so fans came just to sit on their hands. It’s not a Toronto thing either. It’s a Leafs thing. Raptors games are hype as hell. Jays games have more ups than downs. I’ve been to CFL, NFL, NCAA Football games and those crowds are NUKED! So what’s the deal with Leafs fans? My only theory is that most of the seats are corporate owned and people are just there because they were given tickets. A theory furthered by the fact that at least 1/3 of the crowd LEFT at 2nd Intermission. It’s not like the home team was getting their asses kicked. They were playing well and leading going into the 3rd. People just popping in to make an appearance I guess.



So Jenn and I scummed 2 seats in front of us between the 1st and 2nd. Our view was slightly obstructed and no one was sitting there so we figured why not. Anyway, we’re half way through the 2nd and I spot a blonde girl coming by. Immediately I think to myself “yeah we’re screwed, we stole her seat.” She walks up, looks at me, and then my dumb ass realizes that this girl is STEPH PAIGE! Steph’s been gone for the better part of the year globetrotting. She’s been getting her fitness on to boot while away. So much so that I legit didn’t recognize her. She looked absolutely amazing. I stepped away long enough to have a quick catch up with her and Kathy and look to set wheels in motion to hang out. Steph; I want whatever that pile of Nachos is. You know what I’m talking about girl.

Want to find a way to make your gut look even worse in photos? Stick your camera in your front pocket. Jesus… Anyway shout outs to Alan. Realest Leafs fan.

2015-11-03 (1)

Aporkalypse Now is the best thing I’ve eaten in… I don’t even know. Months? I’m going to cry a little when Novemburger is over and I can’t get my hands on another one.



Look at Rey’s face, that scumbag.

I went to Canada Cup over Halloween weekend. It’s the biggest Street Fighter tournament Canada has ever hosted. Around 700 people from across the globe stopped into the Airport Sheraton for 3 days of gaming. Guys like me, Rey, and Raid (Hulk) are way over the hill and have less than zero chance of winning the tournament. At this point in our “career” it’s all about chilling with old friends and playing just well enough to screw with players who actually think they have a chance but run into old assholes like us. I guess the term would be Gatekeepers at this point. Outside of EVO in Vegas every year and a couple of US Majors, this was way up there for one of the best tournaments I’ve ever attended and even worked in a limited capacity. It was really great to see Marcel drop in on Saturday as well. He’s always a big supporter when I stream and got along great with all of the Toronto OG’s. I think he may have been taken aback by the sheer amount and level of trash talk that went on between all of us.

12191247_731700720269422_8703125390772452285_oI had a chance to sit down with yet another Jenn while at the tournament. She’s a freelance writer, seemingly specializing in competitive gaming. Vince introduced her to me a couple of months ago as she was told I’m the guy to talk to about how the scene/community has changed over the last 15 years and have story after story to tell. We spent pretty much all of Sunday talking. Looking at this photo is weird. I DO NOT look pleased with whatever she’s saying but she’s laughing about something.

She probably shit on my game.

She’d be right to do it.

We’ll probably sit down for a proper interview sometime in the near future. I also agreed to train her when Street Fighter V drops. Lord help this girl. I’m pretty damn good at SF but haven’t trained someone from the ground up before. Hopefully it turns out well and she can ruin a few lives. Nothing would bring me more joy than watching my student beat guys who’ve been playing for years.


Welcome to the Mayors of Scumbag City. Stephen (middle) and I have been friends now for coming up on 15 years. Kevin, Big Greek, and Paul for 7. All of us, and a few others have been mods for far too long in a MIRC SF chat room. We all have fighting games in common but in the end we barely talk about that. It’s just a place to goof on each other. Sometimes I think about all the people I’ve come across in my lifetime. For people who aren’t in the competitive gaming scene, the idea of meeting and being long time friends with guys you see once in a blue moon and play video games with seems ridiculous but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Been to weddings for some, shared in the happy news of kids births for others. Vanny, who’s basically like a brother, was met through a healthy gaming rivalry between Hamilton and (then) Brampton. Even at 35, I continue to make new friends in the gaming scene. Some of the guys may read this and think “he’s gone soft.” To them I say:

Fuck you Anant.


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