Swipe Left. Take A Shot.

What idiot, way back when, thought it was a good idea to say to someone “you know, you don’t look so good?” One of the questions I ask myself, and in turn when giving advice to others, is “what’s the upside?” When you look someone dead in the face and you basically say they look like shit, there’s no upside. You’re just an idiot. I’m not saying we need to spend our days lifting everyone up, though there’s no real harm in that. There’s something to be said for keeping your yap shut though. Will you be there the next day to tell them they look well rested? Of course not, because nobody cares when someone looks rested short of them being on their death bed. They’re just there, living their life, so let them live it without your flip comment.

I was going to link to Adele’s new single but I’m pretty sure that song broke the world record for most overplayed single. Remember even a few years ago when your biggest overplay concern was hearing the same song on the radio once or twice in an hour? The Internet makes that feel like a song vacation. You want to play a great song on repeat until your ears bleed? By all means go nuts. When I talked to a few friends last Friday about “Hello” the sentiment of “I PLAYED IT 200X IT’S THE GREATEST” was echoed over and over. I had my fill after around 6 play throughs. I felt kind of dirty about it too but hey the song’s pretty good so why not. It got me thinking though, what’s that one song that you’ve absolutely beat to death? I remember ruining a VHS of “Thriller” when I was 3 years old. I would Play and Rewind that tape over and over until it eventually wore out. I play Kendrick Lamar’s “Peer Pressure” far more than I probably should nowadays. It’s easily my favourite track from Good Kid Maad City. I can also play HHH’s theme song over and over while at the gym but won’t listen to it at any other time. *shrugs*


Side note (because the track dropped on my Spotify while I’m writing this) I can’t tell if I love or hate Dawin’s “Dessert.” I chanced upon the song while checking out Amy Marie Gaertner’s (Dance) Freestyle Friday and it got stuck in my head. She’s probably top 5 Viners for me right now. Girl should be on SYTYCD. Anyway, I’m quickly realizing that Instagram and Vine are awful when it comes to linking on Desktop. Everything is just DEAFENING! Of course if you’re reading this on Mobile, then it’s all good.




Around this time last year, a bunch of us pooled some loot and got in on a Kickstarter for a restaurant in Hamilton called The Mule. The ownership are creating a small empire of restaurants. Considering one of them (Rapscallion) is basically my favourite restaurant in the city, I’ve got a lot faith in Erin and Matt. They’re driven, bust their ass, and always looking to get better. The group put together a G for the kickstarter and one of the perks was that roasted piggy. I found it hilarious that Sid and I were both wearing Pig related shirts for this fine dining experience. We got hooked up well beyond the Roast Pig (Chorizo stuffed Chicken Wings? YES!) and everyone brought sides. We ate like mofos around lunch time and I was food KO’d for the rest of the day. There looked to be pounds of leftovers. Hopefully my hero Matt (on the right) got in there before Chanry scooped it for herself. Much love Chan.

You know there are times I’d really like to blame alcohol for my behaviour but the truth of the matter is I’m willing to act the fool at any given time. The sick part is this has been heavily edited to ensure multiple participants don’t smother me with a pillow in my sleep.




Jenn’s birthday party was a great time. I hadn’t seen Victoria since July so it was great to catch up and crack jokes. Zach and I were all “you on Tinder? Let’s make fun of strangers.” Zach and Vic are RUTHLESS! I’m all “well maybe” and they’re like “NOPE!” I respect it. If you’re going to use a dating app that’s entirely based on looks, wasting time on crazy things like profile bios and extra photos is just plain stupid. We got Jenn SAUCED! She’s fast become one of my favourite people. She’s one of the few friends I have that I can call on a whim to just meet up for a pint and a bite and she’s game (assuming she isn’t booked up with events of course). As you get older, that kind of friend becomes harder and harder to come by. She’s always been a sweetheart to me, fiercely loyal, and a blessing in my life. She’s also the voice yelling “FUCK JMONEY” in the video above. That’s real friendship right there.

I just told Valeria not to sweat it as I interrupted her workout.

I’m the worst.



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