This Is A Paid Political Annoyance

I don’t remember when I added that song to my Spotify but it popped up as I was about to sit down and blah blah blah. You’ll have to jump to 62 seconds into the vid because the first minute is some silent movie bullshit.


Jenn’s all “want to come to a Raptors game with me?” I find Basketball so strange at times. It’s what I call a “poor game.” Anybody can play as long as you’ve got a ball that even somewhat bounces well and a hoop. I remember my old high school Tennis court had a couple of nets. They were possibly the single most warped pieces of rimmed trash you’d ever play on. I’m convinced that a real sicko created those rims. My buddies and I would drop in on weekends and play relatively awful Ball for a couple of hours. It was a great time and I wouldn’t give up those memories of that busted up pavement or Hell Rims for anything. Anyway, the game, like Soccer is “poor” and yet somehow at its highest levels have the most insane financial contracts and have the most ridiculous cost for seats. How the hell does that happen? You grow up playing a game you can’t afford to watch live?


The Raps game was pretty fun. They were playing a Lebronless Cavs. I was in RealSports burning time before the game started watching the 4pm NFL games. These two guys on either side of me start up a conversation about how Lebron won’t be there. The young man (I have GOT to stop doing that) on my right was devastated at the news. It’s the pre-season man, get over it. He whips into this rant about how he just dropped SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS on seats. I could understand that in the regular season but pre-season? Then I look to his right and there’s his date who I’m guessing is supposed to be impressed with the money brag? I paid my tab (WHYYYYY is a pint of Heineken $11 at Real Sports?) and smiled at this 20 year old trying to run game. I can’t even fathom dropping $600 on tickets at 20. Hell I can’t even fathom it now, at least not to impress a date. The game had its up and downs. Jenn and I spent most of it people watching and being social media obnoxious. Some guy in front of us was posting up on Snapchat HARD! I’m a pretty big snap slut and Jenn loves her selfies but this man and I’m guessing his girlfriend were acting like they got 7 years and 100 million to Snapchat.


The election is a wrap. I think my biggest takeaway from the last 2 months or so is that people LOVE to use their Facebook not just to push whichever party they’re going to vote for but to BEAT YOU SENSELESS with why you shouldn’t vote for anyone except the candidate/party they love. Oh you’re going to vote for PC? WELL THEY EAT BABIES! Oh you’re voting liberal? THEY’RE GOING TO MAKE SENIORS LIVE IN THE SEWERS AND DANCE BAREFOOT ON THE MANHOLE COVERS! It wasn’t bad enough every sports event I watch on TV was saturated in this paid political garbage. I had to see it left right and center on my News Feed as well? Twitter was easy, I just muted every hashtag and lived in blissful ignorance. Facebook? Am I muting/unfollowing my entire list for 2 months? I think it’s great that this year more than any other in recent history (69% voter turnout) people encouraged others to vote but seriously… let them make their own decision. Beating people over the head with your views in the hopes of converting them to whatever righteous cause you THINK is best is frankly disgusting.

There’s a full candy jar in my office.

Mars is just a lazy person’s Snickers.


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