Why’d I Wear Pants?

This post is brought to you by the Godsend that is Google Photos. I take shots with my phone and it’s just sitting there waiting for me when I need to scoop photos for random posts like this. I’ve seen people complain about Google basically owning your photo soul now but I really don’t give a shit. Google has owned me, and just about everyone else, far longer than they care to admit. You want a selfie of me looking at the wrong lens while Jenn makes Duckface? You can be my guest Google. It’s all yours. Stick it in every ad you want.

Thanks Jelani


I’m in full on research as to how I can get a better data plan without bending over to get fucked by my carrier. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t regret getting off my ridiculously good grandfathered plan just so I could get my iPhone5S a few hundred dollars cheaper. It’s rare that I think so short term and disregard that kind of value. The same plan is available as a Loyalty Plan but I’m not eligible for another few months. I WANT IT NOW! If I can find a way to get around 4GB around $100/month then I’ll pull the trigger. I heard Wind is doing Unlimited Plans now. Is their reception still ass? LTE capable? It may be worth my while to finally jump ship after 16 years with the same carrier. I’ve been left mulling all this over because apps are becoming more and more bandwidth intensive. I don’t want to wait to see Snapchat stories, YouTube vids, or Periscope streams just because I’m out and about. How any provider thinks 2GB or less is enough for the average user in this day and age is nuts. It’s basically 3GB or bust. It’s been 17 years since I took an Economics course but I’m pretty sure at this point, data should be coming down in price as the sheer volume of users keep demanding more of it.


Sid comes to me a few days ago and says there’s a new restaurant opening up on Barton Street. $20 for the tasting menu. *shrugs* sure why not. West Side Belly Monsters were joined by a few friends and we saw what The Butcher And The Vegan had to offer. Yeah I know that name is kind of fucked. Apparently Hamilton Vegans are PISSED over it. We were talking about it over dinner and I figure the vocal minority won’t go and the rest will drop in and let the food determine whether it’s up to snuff. It’s a tasting menu so I didn’t go balls to the wall review mode (not like I’ve done a proper restaurant review for months anyway).

IMG_1082The quick and dirty is that everything we ate was fine but nothing stood out. Sid and I were big on the Piri Piri Chicken only for Judy to tell us hers was dry. We tried and it sure enough it was. Inconsistency is not a good look. Chan ordered Arancini and ended up with Tofu inside. The Curry Lamb was lacking punch and just basic seasoning. Is it trendy in 2015 to no longer use Salt? We all agreed we’d be back in a few months once the staff has worked all the kinks out. For $20 this was a no brainer dinner. I left out Pita + Dips & Dessert. *shrugs* they’re not selling someone on a restaurant either way. I’m far more intrigued at the idea of a new restaurant on Barton than anything else. That stretch of road between James North all the way to Centenniel is straight ASS! Busted up roads, dilapidated buildings, hookers and drug dealers crawling all over it. Amidst it all though are a couple of new restaurants like this one and 541 Eatery & Exchange leading positive change. Neighborhoods have to be overhauled one step at a time. I’ve got fingers crossed it can catch up to the other booming areas in the recently revitalized Hamilton.

IMG_1051 IMG_1060 IMG_1057

I stopped into the Southwest Ontario City Fare on Saturday. I’m not typically one for events with more booze than food but this was a really good time. Jenn and I were all “day drinking YEAH” and drink Wine upon Wine upon Beer upon Wine. We needed the drinks because that venue was a Sauna. I didn’t know what the dress code was so I wore Jeans like an idiot. The heat really couldn’t be avoided considering it was a steam bath outside too at 30 degrees with a Thunderstorm. It’s OK, you just cool down with booze. I was pretty stoked to run into Genevieve after at least a year. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was 2 years to be honest. Also ran into Jamie but forgot to get a photo (I’m such a scrub). Jenn and I ended up hanging with Aimee & Casey in the latter half of the event and well into the evening. I was pretty jacked to get more than 2 seconds to shoot the shit with Aimee. You go to events, say hi and bye and bounce. The four of us got to crack jokes and have a good time. I hope we can all chill again sooner than later.



The event itself was solid. Lots of vendors in my relative neck of the woods. Fun live music. Great vibe all around. I’d definitely go back. I was mystified by the little Maple Syrup Bear. You know you want one. I think I’m going to start a small collection (har har). The Sriracha Bottle Sid hooked up last December and this Maple Syrup will be the first in a long line of small items I’ll never use but will brag about to Foodies who will be jealous for 1/2 second.


Also shout outs to the super sweet lady who kept my jacket for me all afternoon behind her stall. Yes I brought a jacket in 30 degree weather. She took pity on my stupid ass and kept it safe all afternoon. She also had Chocolate Chip Butter Tarts. FUUUUUUCK were they delicious. As I said, food was scarce amidst a see of alcohol. The Smoked Beef Slider with Caramelized Onions was hands down the best thing I ate. The Spinach Dip looked awesome but was pretty chaunced. I’m guessing they made the batch in the morning and it grew stale with all the humidity. BODIED! Maple Bread Pudding really surprised me. Props to Jenn for getting me to try it. The Lime & Basil (WTF?) Chocolate was my biggest surprise though. That’s a pretty odd combo for Chocolate but it worked really well.

Alright I’m done here. I’m going to watch Elimination Chamber. (WRESTLING! YEAH!) and hope that this rain ends tomorrow. 9 degrees on May 31st is bullshit.


Xbox Live everybody.


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    • FTR I don’t hate either. We had this discussion on Friday and we generally agreed in not understanding why Vegans need to be so vocal in their dietary choices. Vegetarians are just like “whatever” but Vegans seem (and I emphasize that) to want it their way or you’re basically going to Hell.

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