Is That Good For Your Brand?

So today I get a DM in reference to my latest vlog. Basically, with the best of intentions mind you, the message was “is it wise to post that video?” It got me thinking for a while both in reference to the message and to something Chanry mentions in the video. In it, I basically said “fuck you Uber.” It’s not professional, or politically correct, or anything becoming of someone who is looking to further themselves in the public eye. I could have cut the 3 or 4 second clip. Lord knows jump cuts are all the rage for low tier video bloggers. The thing is, why the hell should I? All I ever read about is how they fuck people over and how various countries are looking to run them out. I think they’re scumbags. I told them “fuck you.” Now the question is does it fit my brand?



Drekken asked me 3 years ago what I thought about my personal brand after some random pop off. I laughed at the concept of a “brand.” More often than not, I see “personal brands” as a load of shit. It’s not who people are. It’s not even an extension of their personalities. It’s what they want to project. Projection creates impression. Impression creates opportunity. Opportunity reaps benefit. No one is so naive as to believe otherwise. My “personal brand” has changed exactly once in 5 years. I post photos of food that I didn’t know existed 5 years ago when I was stuffing my face at big box restaurants. I was just as much of a Football and video game obsessed, curse filled, loudmouth. I made new friends. For some reason unknown to me and likely even themselves, people like me (dummies). I don’t warp myself for the benefit of other people. If they don’t like me, it’s all good. I’ll never see you again. Who gives a shit?

A couple weeks back, I hit up Zomato’s meetup. I knew Casey, Jenn, and Dan. They’re my friends. I shoot the shit with them on the regular. In Casey‘s case, he knows me better than just about anyone I’ve met over the last 5 years. I pull no punches with him. If I ever took up a public career, he could sink me instantly. Whaaaaaat an asshole eh? He’s my brother. The rest were new. Pam‘s in the middle. She’s a fucking sweetheart. I’d hang with her every day. I don’t really remember the rest. That’s not every nice. It just happens to be the reality of things. It’s like when you go to a party and your 1 mutual friend introduces you to 10 people and everyone cracks the joke “I won’t remember any of your names by the time I finish shaking hands.” We all have a laugh. It’s funny then. Not so much a day later if you’ve made an impression and they haven’t. New friends are why I try to get out whenever I can. Only child syndrome whatever. The people I met didn’t care about the fact I throw in F-Bombs while talking SEO or why some servers are roll your eyes dickheads. We shared insights, laughed a lot, and came out of it better than when we started regardless of whether they remember my name or I remember theirs. What more is your “brand” supposed to do than that?

IMG_3469The guy in the middle is Daryl. I’m renaming him BBQ Santa. He fed The Bellymonsters until I legit thought I was going to puke last night. The benefit of putting photos online is invitations to cool stuff like this. I had a great time. I took a few days off my life from overeating again. AWESOME! There were a bunch of other people at the event. I specifically told everyone to sit at the big table and leave room so new people could sit with us. Random people, literally coming solo, sat by themselves instead. What the fuck man? Am I the only one who immediately extends a friendly hand when I don’t know anyone? We were the loudest people at the event by far. Nobody gave a shit about anything aside from sharing laughs, taking food photos, and listening to BBQ Santa drop truth bombs about proper ways to make BBQ. I got out of there, filmed VEDA and posted it up. The owner finds me on FB and says it’s the best review he’s ever seen.

Yeah… my “brand” is so fucked.

I don’t think it’s so far fetched to keep online and offline in sync. I know I’ve missed out on opportunities because I didn’t slurp some random online entity or shut my yap here or there over the last 5 years. I don’t need to do it. If I needed to bite my tongue that badly, I’d go into work more often than I do. At least they pay me to show a shred of restraint. My style isn’t to everyone’s liking. I would hope not to be quite honest. If they did, my ego would be even bigger than my gut.

And my gut is far too big as it is.



15 thoughts on “Is That Good For Your Brand?

  1. Always enjoy your blogs and tweets. You keep it real and honest. I find lots of good places to eat because of you and your crew. Hope to see you and say hello at a food truck/festival this summer.

  2. 1. Best. Post. Ever.

    2. I’m one of those dummies. Fucker.

    3. Love BBQ. And Buster Rhinos. FYI – they sell vacuum packed brisket by the pound. Take that shit home and freeze it. Throw it in s boiling pot of water for 30 minutes, and you have yourself a fuckin’ slow and low cow dancing in your mouth.

    • You got suckered in Craig.

      I’d heard about these guys for a few years but I’m never out Whitby/Oshawa way. How’d you chance upon them?

      I feel like I’d break the bank if I actually got a chance to shop in their meat packing store.

  3. meh I like you so I watch you. It’s that simple. I remember one time you told me “I keep it light” and that’s when I was like “Yo, I can get behind this guy.” And here we are……*insert how many years we have known eachother*

  4. I think people are far too obsessed with the idea that everyone needs to have a “personal brand.” Unless you’re looking to build your blog into a business, it’s not even worth worrying about. What ever happened to blogging for fun because you enjoy it and you like connecting with people?!

    I say “keep doing you.” 🙂

    • Thanks Simone. That means a lot coming from someone I respect and admire as much as you.

      You need to come back this way. I will buy you all the drinks and you will tell me never ending stories. =)

  5. These are both really great shots. I mean, I know you so I recognize that you look good in both these pictures. But more than that, EVRYONE looks awesome in both these pictures; that’s rare in big group shots.

  6. Also – “some less superficial-sounding comment about the actual (awesome) content of this post, etc, etc”…

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