Eating Your Content: Staxx Burger Chicken & Waffle House


Anyone that knows me knows I’m all about the Fried Chicken. When Marie came to me a month ago with news of a Chicken And Waffles joint opening up in Hamilton, saying I was excited would be a huge understatement. With the exception of a select few times in the US, I’ve never had a chance for the sweet and savoury combo that is Fried Chicken and Waffles. Staxx Burger Chicken & Waffle House, located in Hamilton’s International Village along King Street East between Ferguson and Walnut, opened just over a week ago. I’d planned to hit it up with Marie as per usual but she was unavailable (I wanted to go immediately and she had “work”) so I was joined this time by my buddy Vanny.


It’s pretty no frills in terms of decor. A bar at the front seats 5. I don’t know how guys were watching TV in front of that door. That draft would drive me NUTS! After that, they had simple tables and chairs that seat around 25 people. Ambiance is the least of my concerns while eating Fried Chicken. Moving along…

Cevapi On A Bun With Fries – $11.80 + 50 cents for Gravy


I’ll be honest in saying I didn’t have a clue what Cevapi was. What I did know was Vanny‘s face lit up like a Christmas tree as soon as he saw it on the menu. For those not in the know (look at me fronting like I had a clue at the time of trying it), it’s a minced meat sausage. In this case, it was served on a bun (I never saw the bun, Vanny said it was there though) and covered in Sour Cream and diced Red Peppers. Vanny ordered his with Fries and a side of Gravy along with a side of Ajvar (Red Pepper Relish) for his Cevapi. Its colour immediately said “heat” but it was more acidic than anything. I tried the Cevapi and was very pleased with it. In fact I enjoyed its flavour far more than a traditional Sausage. I’ll have to try the complete dish another time. Vanny was happy with it as well and said he’d get it again.

Fried Chicken And Waffles – $10.60 + 70 cents for “Pure Canadian Maple Syrup”



Now THIS is what brought me to the dance. The first thing I noticed was that it was all white meat. Now I love me some Breast (har har) but it usually dries out and is sorely lacking the juices of a Thigh or Leg. I was overjoyed to find out this Breast meat was anything but dry. I couldn’t believe how good a job Staxx Burger Chicken & Waffle House did with their Fried Chicken. The skin was crispy but never felt overly greasy. I got 2 Breasts and a Wing. Every piece was juicy and delicious. For those of you looking for dark meat, we were advised you can order that specifically and they’ll accommodate you. Otherwise, it’d be white meat first so be forewarned. Sadly, the accompanying hot sauce was lacking. It tasted like Frank’s Red Hot. *shrugs* whaaaaaatever.


Staxx Burger Chicken & Waffle House does waffles right (they better with that name). The waffles were thick in size but light and fluffy. The outer layer was crisp with a hint of sweetness. You get 8 pieces (essentially 2 waffles) and it’s a large enough portion for 2 people. I went for lunch around 1pm. I hadn’t eaten all day and still couldn’t put away the entire meal. I upgraded to Maple Syrup from what I believe was a thicker commercial product. The consistency was a little thinner than I’d care for but that’s what happens when you’ve had too much Aunt Jemima in your life and try the real deal. It wasn’t overly sweet and paired perfectly with the Waffles. At 70 cents, you really can’t go wrong with the upgrade.


So let’s get the obvious out of the way. I was VERY HAPPY with my lunch at Staxx Burger Chicken & Waffle House. Everything was cooked perfectly. The portion vs price was ideal. The service was dynamite; attentive without being smothering. I’ll be going back on Monday with Marie and will likely get Jerk Chicken & Waffles (you read that right) or just go straight up sweet with their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Waffle.

Last couple things to note. There’s no liquor license yet. Lord help me I’ll live there in the summer if I can get beer with my Fried Chicken. Also, at present they’re cash only.

Drop in and enjoy.

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