Eating Your Content: Charred Rotisserie House


Six weeks ago, Marie let me know that a new Portuguese Chicken spot was opening in Hamilton. it immediately made me think of Nandos. I used to eat far too much of their food when I lived in Brampton years ago. Fast forward to last week when I’m informed Charred Rotisserie House  is opening August 12th. I made arrangements for lunch with Marie and John and we were off. Just a heads up, this is VERY EASY TO MISS! It’s not a large restaurant and for some reason the doors and windows are tinted.


I don’t typically bring up the menu but I felt it warranted attention. Pay very close attention to everything. I made a huge oversight when ordering because I didn’t fully look over the menu. I’ll explain how I killed my ordering value later on in the review.

Large Poutine with Charred Chicken – $7 + $3


Let’s get one thing out of the way. This photo can’t do justice to the sheer size of the plate this Poutine arrived on. This was a BEAST! All 3 of us went to work on this thing and barely finished it. I loved the fact that the Fresh Cut Fries were essentially shoestring. The Cheese Curds (not squeaky but close) were drenched in Mild Piri Piri Sauce and then covered in Gravy. We added Chicken but I’ll be honest in saying I didn’t notice it. Marie said she could taste it though so I know it was there somewhere. If I were to order it again I’d pass on the chicken. On it’s own, this is a monster and tasted great. A fantastic value at 7 bucks to boot.

Chicken On A Bun – $7


Both Marie & John ordered this sandwich. Charred Rotisserie House orders their bread fresh daily from Ola Bakery, literally 2 doors down. All 3 of us LOVED the bread. It was the perfect consistency. The sandwiches were loaded with well seasoned Chicken and Aged Cheddar. I stole a bite from Marie and was very happy with it. Peppers & Onions weren’t overcooked (aka limp and gross). It’s topped off with Cilantro and Piri Piri infused Mayo. Everything worked so well with this sandwich. Both Marie and John said they’d order it again.

Half Chicken + 1 Side (Roasted Potatoes) – $13

IMG_2960 IMG_2959IMG_2963

So remember how I said pay attention to the menu? Well this dish was $13. If I had deciphered the menu properly, I would have noticed I could get a whole chicken for $14 and just had the Poutine as a side. LIve and learn on that one. The skin had a nice char and the chicken was juicy. I used to live off white meat but have come to love Leg + Thigh over the last couple of years. As such, I’ve essentially become leery of Breast as It can dry out quickly. Thankfully that wasn’t the case here. The chicken was cooked perfectly. I asked for my Piri Piri spicy but I didn’t get any heat. I’ve grown used to equating “heat” with “pain” so this wasn’t up to snuff. The cashier said they’d look to introduce something “more extreme” in the near future. I’m looking forward to it. It came with a healthy portion of Roasted Potatoes. Leave it to say I got more than my Starch worth between this and the Poutine.

Yes I polished off everything. IT WAS GOOD! DON’T JUDGE ME!

What a surprise, another fantastic restaurant has been thrown into the mix in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. You can’t go wrong with the portion vs price. I’ll be back to tackle Chicken On A Bun + Caesar Salad (they make their own dressing). If you’re looking for a great lunch or dinner spot, pop into Charred Rotisserie House. You won’t be disappointed.

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3 thoughts on “Eating Your Content: Charred Rotisserie House

  1. I’m always impressed with how everything’s bigger outside of Toronto. Every time I try to figure out something delicious to eat around me, I’m at a loss. And then I see posts like this.

    You’re making me a food blogger hater, bro, but it all looks amazing.

    Definitely getting there with them photo skills, by the way!

    • I’ms still struggling with getting the right amount of light for shots. I actually took the wrong camera for this review so I’m surprised the photos turned out OK.

      Toronto always seems like a lottery when it comes to portions. It’s probably a big reason why I love a spot like Stockyards where you get the most bang for your buck and then some with the Fried Chicken.

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