Eating Your Content: The Big Chief (Food Truck)


The Big Chief has been on my radar for a couple of months, as they hit the road in late April. As is typically the case with Food Trucks, the timing was never right in finding them though. I was fortunate to find out they’re going to be a Friday staple at Gore Park Promenade until the end of summer. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into as I’ve never had Native Canadian food before but that’s half the fun.

The Indian Taco – $9


I’ve got to admit, I was very confused when I saw a single Taco was $9. The thought “this better be the greatest Taco I’ve ever eaten” popped into my mind. as you can see by the picture though, this was not a Taco in the conventional sense. The base was comprised of cubed Bannock. For those not familiar, it’s a North American Frybread. It was pretty thick, and obviously meant to fill you up. The base was then covered in Chili and topped with fresh Lettuce, Tomato, and Sour Cream. I loved all the toppings but wasn’t big on the Bannock. I thought it too dense in contrast to the light toppings. I eventually started working around it to get at the delicious Chili. If you’re going to order, come HUNGRY and bring a love of Bread with you.

Bison Sliders – $9


On the left was a chopped Mushroom and Swiss Slider. On the right was an Aged Cheddar & Sauteed Onion Slider. They came with a Pickle and Coleslaw. My dislike for Coleslaw is well documented but this was actually pretty good.  The patties (I’d estimate 2 ounces) were thick and juicy. I love the gamey taste that comes with Bison/Venison. The  Sliders were cooked a perfect Medium. I have absolutely no complaints about these Sliders. The next time I hit up The Big Chief I’ll end up getting 2 orders and be KO’d for the day. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

If the Bannock was just a hair thinner, this would have been a home run experience for me. As is, I can definitely recommend the Bison Sliders (they might be my favourite Slider now to be honest) but would give fair warning about The Indian Taco. Either way, there’s plenty of other options at The Big Chief and you should check them out.


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