Eating Your Content: Dobro Jesti (Food Truck)


I was checking out Ontario Food Trucks as part of my normal morning routine (DON’T JUDGE ME!) and noticed an abundance of Food Trucks at Gore Park (middle of downtown Hamilton, Ontario). Marie and I were already slated for lunch that day (sorry Burrito Boyz, you got bodied) and figured it’d be a good chance to try something new in Dobro Jesti.

All photos taken with my iPhone4S.

Mr. Schnitz’s Bits – $3


I came for sandwiches but these may have made the best impression of the day. The batter was crispy with plenty of garlic. The donut itself was light. I was expecting something dense and this was the complete opposite. I would have liked it with some kind of dipping sauce (more garlic?) but otherwise a great snack.

The Pepper – $9


IMG_1251Marie ordered this and was very happy with it. I took a bite and enjoyed it. The bread was amazingly soft. I assume Dobro Jesti buys fresh daily.  The chicken was tender. The sandwich was loaded up with Bell Peppers and Onions. There was a little too much onion for my liking but that’s nit picking. I couldn’t identify the Aioli in the sandwich but it had a little bit of heat at the end of the bite.

Risotto Ball – 2 for $3


I took a pass on getting a bite of this  Side. Marie absolutely loved it though and ordered 2 more to go. I believe the Risotto was mixed with Goat Cheese and then battered & Fried. I’ll likely give it a shot sometime down the line.

The Razor – $9


I ordered this sandwich and was happy with it for the most part. The bread was fresh and crisp with every bite. The Chicken Schnitzel was fantastic. Provolone was oozing all over the place. My only gripe was the overload of Marinara Sauce. I asked for only a 1/2 portion but it had already been dressed. I’m sure some will love that aspect of it but it definitely wasn’t to my liking. Otherwise it was a great sandwich.

Potato Salad – $3IMG_1250

I didn’t care much for this. I’ve only recently been delving into Potato Salad (what’s good Danielle?) after never having eaten it. I haven’t sampled enough to know what I really like but this wasn’t it.

With the exception of the lackluster Potato Salad, the rest of our meal was top flight. The Sandwiches were substantial both in portion and taste. 2 of 3 side dishes were delicious. If you see Dobro Jesti in your neck of the woods, check them out. Go early if you’re a chicken fan though. I hear they run out quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Eating Your Content: Dobro Jesti (Food Truck)

  1. I think the aioli was made with rooster sauce! SO GOOD!! Let’s go back…soon. I want an entire meal of garlic donuts.

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