Eating Your Content: Pizzeria Libretto (Toronto)

When I started the ball rolling on this side project, I asked for suggestions from friends and random folks alike. The one name that continuously popped up was Pizzeria Libretto in Toronto. A quick check revealed 2 locations. One on the west end at the intersection of Ossington & Dundas. The other on the east end along Danforth, 2 minutes south of Pape station. I went for the latter and made the mission from Hamilton. I already had birthday plans in the city so it made sense to grab a bite before copious amounts of drinking (thanks everybody). On a personal note, if you’re going to a place you’ve never been, make sure you find out your subway station before you go underground. Let’s just say I got off at Coxwell and worked up an appetite.

I was forewarned by just about everybody that recommended Pizzeria Libretto that I was likely in for a line up. Considering I was popping in between the lunch and dinner rush, that wasn’t an issue. However, it’s something to keep in mind. The hostess greeted me warmly and I took a seat facing Danforth. My server Sasha dropped by quickly and took my drink order. He looked perplexed at my not wanting sparkling water. I could see genuine confusion on his face before he took my Water Glass away.

Libretto Organic Lager – $7


I’ve never been one to pretend like I know anything about beer. My only concern is that it’s light and easy to drink. Pizzeria Libretto‘s Organic Lager was exactly what I was looking for. As always, I’d love to know who the actual manufacturer of this Lager was. I get a kick out of the idea behind “house beers” and always want to know who’s really behind it. On a related note, my buddy Paul recommended I go with Wine (M2 Small Lot Gamay Noir from Malivoire to be exact) instead of Beer to pair with my Pizza but I can’t deal with Red Wine. It feels like it sits on my chest. Yes yes, I’m just not drinking the right Wine. Moving along…

Nduja Sausage – $17



I was split between this and a Duck Confit pizza. Sasha said Sausage was the safer bet if this was my first time, so I ran with it. As for the pizza, there is a lot of positive and 1 major negative. I’m going to tackle the latter first.

This pizza went from mildly crispy on the outside to downright soggy towards the middle. Pizzeria Libretto uses a Wood Fire Oven. Basically a pizza is cooked in a couple of minutes at an extremely high temperature. The difference between “crispy throughout” and “hey look this is now charcoal” is a matter of seconds. Sadly, the cook erred a little too much on the side of caution. I like my Pizza crispy, to the point where I always ask for it well done if I’m just popping in for a slice somewhere. To get a soggy pizza was a complete turnoff. I mentioned it to some friends afterwards and Lily immediately noted she doesn’t like their pizza for this exact reason. I guess it’s a recurring problem.

As for toppings and flavours, that was a total home run. The base flavours of Tomato, Garlic, Oregano, and Basil fused together perfectly. The Pizza was liberally topped with fresh Mozzarella. The in house made Sausage had just a little kick to it. The meat was tender and felt like it crumbled when I bit into it.

One thing I was very happy with was the near complete lack of grease. I know for some they get a kick out of it, but I don’t need my pizza leaking grease like a faucet.

It’s best to say my jury is still out on Pizzeria Libretto. While toppings were amazing, that soggy bite is the one thing I truly took away from my experience. It’s very telling how big a role texture plays in an eating experience. I’d likely return just to test the waters one more time. If soggy, I won’t be returning. If crispy, it’ll immediately shoot up my list of best Pizzas.

Funny how one thing can change everything.

If you have a suggestion for the Realest Pizza, please feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email. I’ll be happy to check it out later this summer.

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8 thoughts on “Eating Your Content: Pizzeria Libretto (Toronto)

  1. I hate soggy pizza too. My first time at Earth to Table Bread Bar – the pizza was limp ad soggy and just left an overall bad taste in my mouth! I have been told the proper way to eat Pizza Libretto pizza is to fold it in half and chow down that way.

    • Apparently the style for Libretto is to have the pizza “wet” in the middle. You learn something new every day. I ended up folding my slices after the first one. It did make for a better experience.

  2. Pizzeria Libretto makes VPN certified Pizza, using the guidelines set out by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association and as set out by the Italian Government and the European Union.

    Pizza Napoletana is an oven made circularly shaped culinary product , of a variable diameter which should not exceed 35 cm, with an elevated border (crust) and with the central part covered with toppings. The central part should be 0.3 cm thick, and the crust 1-2 cm thick. The pizza as a whole should be soft, elastic, easily folded as would be a pamphlet (aka LIBRETTO).

    Soft is the style. If you do not like “Pizza Napoletana”, you should go elsewhere for a pizza style cookedthe way you like it.

    • I spoke with the Restaurant Manager of Libretto and he was kind enough to educate me on this exact subject. I conceded with further research I would have been better prepared for the texture of the pie and will be returning in the near future further prepared.

      Thanks for your “literature” in the matter. Have a good one.

  3. Unfortunately, you were not educated about the original Pizza from Naples… I enjoy both styles although my preference is the crispier style of the Roman Pizza but I still enjoy the Naples style and there is none better than Pizzeria Libretto

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