Eating Your Content: La Piazza Allegra

For 7 years I’ve been walking by La Piazza Allegra. It was always one of those “I’ve got to go there sometime” restaurants. I’d asked around and those who’d been said it was pretty good but didn’t offer much in the way of details. When I first started the now failed 52 in 52, it was actually slated to be in the first 4 restaurants to review. Timing with friends never panned out and it was put on the back burner. Finally last week Marie, Kathy, Mikki and Chris joined me to see what this restaurant had to offer.

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Chef’s Soup Of The Day – $7

Chicken Cacciatore was today’s soup. Chopped chicken, Garbanzo Beans, Carrots and a few other veggies in a Tomato base. Chris said it was pretty good but not much else.

Caesar Salad – $9

We ended up in a discussion over “real Caesar dressing” as I can’t stand Anchovies and I was convinced it would be an integral part of the dressing. Sadly I passed as a result. Marie said if they use Anchovies she couldn’t taste it at all. She was really pleased with her salad. Romaine was crisp and wasn’t overdressed. I was intrigued by the inclusion of Red Onion as it isn’t something I generally see in Caesar Salad.

Bruschetta Al Tartufo – $10

Mikki and Kathy split this appetizer. This was a baked Pizza Bread, drizzled in Truffle Butter and then topped with Roma Tomatoes and Provolone. I probably should have tried to scum a piece off of them. They both really enjoyed it. Kathy described it as “top 3 Bruschetta I’ve ever eaten.”

Bruschetta Siciliana – $9

Chris and I split the other Bruschetta on the menu. I’ll be straight up in saying I LOVED this dish. In place of the Truffle Oil on the other Bruschetta, they used a Tapenade here. It was topped with slightly spicy Artichoke Hearts and a heaping portion of Asiago Cheese. All the ingredients came together perfectly. This may very well be the best Bruschetta I’ve ever eaten.

Cappe Santa Liguriana – $18

Sea Scallops tossed with Baby Spinach & Tomatoes in a Sherry Pesto cream sauce on Papparadelle pasta. Chris got this dish and was very happy with it. I kept hearing Gordon Ramsay in my head raving about Scallops and inquired specifically about them. Chris said they were done perfectly.

Fusilli Con Quattro Formaggio – $17

Mozzarella, Asiago and Parmesan tossed in a Sundried Tomato cream sauce with Fusilli topped with Gorgonzola. Kathy got this dish but her 4 Cheese became 3 as she asked not to have Gorgonzola in the pasta. If you’ve read my NaRoma Pizza Bar review you know that it isn’t our favourite cheese. In her words “my pasta had no taste to it.” Unfortunate as it looked good.

Tagliatelle Allegra – $18

Boneless Chicken, roasted Red Peppers, Leeks and baby Spinach tossed in an extra virgin olive oil with Tagliatelle topped with crumbled Goat Cheese. Marie got this dish and was very pleased. I believe “delicious” was her exact description. Much like other dishes, they didn’t skimp on portions and there was plenty of Chicken throughout the dish.

Feature Dish – $18

Mikki and I got the featured dish. This was a Stuffed Chicken, with a very generous portion of Goat Cheese and Spinach. The Chicken was then wrapped in Prosciutto and placed on a bed of Pappardelle Pasta tossed in roasted red pepper cream sauce. Holy hell was this tasty. The chicken was very juicy. I was worried the Prosciutto would overpower the taste as it’s typically salty but it blended very well. The pasta was cooked a perfect al dente as well. There is one gripe though. Both of us noticed that the outer pasta (aka the first bite) was lukewarm whereas the center was hot. It was a bit of a turnoff to an otherwise fine dish.

All desserts are baked in house.

Impressions on dessert were mixed. Chris got Carrot Cake and said it was great. Marie got Tiramisu but was not a fan whatsoever. The texture was akin to cake rather than lady fingers and she was immediately put off. I gave it a taste and wasn’t a fan either. I got the Gluten free Chocolate Brownie and in stark contrast to the Tiramisu, the Brownie was Godlike. I was wary of a Gluten free dessert but it was all put to rest quickly. This was rich but not overly sweet. A thoroughly enjoyable dessert.

Overall we had a fantastic time at La Piazza Allegra. SHOUT OUTS to our server Fidan who was ridiculously good all night. The man was extraordinarily polite, carried light conversation, joked a bit but was 100% professional. He was very attentive, checking in regularly to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. I can’t praise him enough. As for the food, I had a great experience. The Bruschetta is the best I’ve ever had. The pasta was great aside from the odd outer rim and dessert was spot on.

I will definitely be returning to La Piazza Allegra in the near future. If you’re in Hamilton, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

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2 thoughts on “Eating Your Content: La Piazza Allegra

  1. I haven’t been here in years! I actually prefer La Cantina when I crave Italian but the last time we were there the server wasn’t that great so it was a little off putting. Next time I crave italian I gotta remember this place!

  2. I haven’t been to La Cantina coming up on 2 years now. I thought the food was phenomenal but haven’t had a chance to return. Odds are I’ll review it when I do.

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