Eating Your Content: #CanyonOnFront

When I look at all the people I’ve met on Twitter, there are a few that always come to mind as my favourite. Tiffany is right up there at the top of the list. We sadly hadn’t touched base in person for a few months. When she told me that she, along with Kate were organizing a Tweetup, I was literally the first person to RSVP.

I was also the first to arrive. Big shout outs to Chris our Bartender who was GODLIKE! I’m likely forgetting some awesome others in the past but right now I can say he’s the best Bartender I’ve ever dealt with. Took the time to shake hands and introduce himself. He remembered God knows how many names (smart stuff in creating a rapport) and drink orders. By the time we hit up an after party next door I was trying to buy him drinks. The staff was tremendous. Tony; the GM for Canyon Creek on Front was in attendance making sure everything ran smooth. I couldn’t have been happier with the service.

I’ve got to admit, I was tempted to steal Marcel‘s ridiculously huge 22oz Prime Rib right off his plate. Canyon Creek is running $5 appetizers & drinks between 5pm – 7pm on Wednesdays to pull the after work crowd. We tried out all 5 appetizers. Their Head Chef was curious to find out what we enjoyed the most. Personally I thought their Quesadillas took it down with Roast Beef Sliders coming in right behind them. I’m typically one for Spinach Dip but it didn’t do it for me. The ingredients didn’t bind together well, creating an odd watery consistency. My steak was cooked a perfect Rare with a baked potato beyond overloaded with cheese.

It was great to see so many folks I chill with on the regular. Of course Team Trolling was out almost in almost full force (we miss you Victoria). I was surprised and happy to see Jorge was in from Calgary. I’m glad Cyrus is coming out to more Tweetups of late. I even got a rare catch up with Jennie. I was fortunate to meet a lot of new folks as well. I don’t know the last time I followed so many people in one night. The vibe was really open and friendly (except 2 blonde girls who were trying to kill me with heat vision) and reminded me why I used to enjoy going to Tweetups on a regular basis last year.

Big thanks to Tiffany & Kate for organizing, along with Tony and the entire Canyon Creek On Front staff for hosting. This was the most fun I’ve had out in a long time. Such an amazing group of people made it happen both putting it together and filling it with lots of laughs and memories.

Before I forget…


God I wish I got this on video.

Some photos contributed by Casey Palmer. You can view his full album here and his blog here.


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