Chew On This: Tweeting Ladies; Go On Offense

I wrote “Don’t Be A Twitter Creep” a couple months ago. I’ve never been a fan of the way some people, primarily but not entirely men, use the Internet as a tool to creep on women. I’ve tried to make it as plain as day to guys out there that their poor behaviour isn’t welcome. More to the point though, I wanted to make it clear to women everywhere that they don’t have to put up with it. Unfortunately, many women do put up with arrogant and creepy men. They dismiss rather than respond. As a friend noted to me a couple of days ago “most people on Twitter, from what I’ve seen, prefer avoidance over conflict.”

Fuck that

I’ve come to appreciate the  many strong, independent, intelligent, beautiful women I’ve met since into Twitter‘s social side. Those women should be appreciated for all the positives they bring to this world. They SHOULD NOT be made to be uncomfortable. They SHOULD NOT be in a position where they have to spare the feelings of some jackass who can’t take a hint. There shouldn’t be a double standard when it comes to confrontation. Guys for the most part vocalize when they’re not happy about a situation. At no point do they think “well it’s not a big deal.” In many cases they’ll make it very clear publicly they won’t put up with any bullshit. It can be embarrassing for the parties they’re talking about but it sure as hell makes a point. In this day and age, women are EQUALS! Taking abuse, whether on a low/subtle level or not is UNACCEPTABLE!

Do yourself a favour ladies; go on offense.

You want to know why creepy people go through private channels? They don’t want to be exposed. If some jerkoff on Twitter tries to run public game on a ton of women, they’re all going to see it. If the same guy runs the same game through DM on the same girls, only fraction of them will put it together. Let’s be real here; girls talk and Ontario’s Twitter scene, as big as it is, is actually very small in terms of a community. Your creepy ass is getting EXPOSED whether you know it or not. Thing is though, if you don’t run with a group that’s connected to everyone else you could very well be victimized by creepy guys. Nobody should have to take it though. SAY SOMETHING! BODY THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS! If you don’t like their behaviour then call that shit out. EVERYONE needs to SEE inappropriate behaviour as it happens. This isn’t something to be condoned and then whispered about among a couple of girlfriends. Tolerance is akin to enabling. Creepy people run the creep on the down low. Shine some light on them and send the roaches scurrying.

In the end social interaction is a two way street. Creepers will run game *shudder* but if it’s unwelcome then it’s got to be shut down with the quickness. If you want to use discretion on the first go around more power to you but seriously if you get a shitty vibe then expose it. Creepers are living their lives in some kind of magical fucked up bubble where they don’t see the awful imprint they’re leaving on others. I love to burst the creepy bubble. I don’t care because if they want to beef me I’m more than happy to back up what I write in person.

I don’t need people in my life who make my friends uncomfortable or awkward.

Ladies; neither do you.


9 thoughts on “Chew On This: Tweeting Ladies; Go On Offense

  1. I have been creeped and stalked before. I have net some amazing people on Twitter, and you are one of them. Awesome post Justin

  2. Thanks for writing this Justin. I’ve had many creepy experiences from guys on Twitter…most of whom are from Toronto coincidentally (!). It’s actually left a sour taste in my mouth & made me not want to hang out as much in the Toronto online scene because I just don’t want to have to deal with creepy dudes. I think these dudes in question could benefit from reading this post: – namely points 2-7 – and some of Casey’s Mansformation lessons.

    Thanks for always being respectful, a gentleman & setting a good example Justin.

    • My experience has been almost entirely based on Toronto male tweeters making the ladies feel awkward. It’s an odd combination of unwelcome relentlessness and creepy. You’re one of many friends that have expressed a disinterest in Toronto’s social scene (routed through Twitter) because of all the creepy guys that come with the package. Hopefully things are far more courteous out west.

      Hope things are well on your end of the country. Please keep me up to speed as to when you’ll be visiting Toronto. I’d love to do drinks with you and Casey if at all possible.

  3. Love that you posted this Justin, it’s pretty incredible to see one of the men speak out against the crazy that happens to the ladies on Twitter.
    I remember reading about a particularly offensive and bully – like situation not so long ago. It has to stop.
    The Toronto scene is riddled with creepers and bullies. Sad.
    Justin for Change – I approve this message.

    • With so many friends out there going through the whole creep out process, I felt it necessary to say something.. Whether I reach any of the guys exhibiting this behaviour is another story. One can only hope for the best.

  4. I was stalked when I was in my early twenties, I did fight back, but sadly the perp was never caught. This was before the internet, which now brings a whole new set of problems and difficulties in fighting back.

    • Yeah the Internet seems to bring far too many tools to those causing pain as opposed to tools to flush out awful people. Just looking at the Amanda Todd situation is a prime example of a poor girl relentlessly stalked by someone the police were apparently powerless to stop. I’m glad you were able to get through your awful ordeal without lasting repercussions. Hope you and the family are doing well.

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