Sew Hungry: Fall Edition 2012

Back in May, I had the opportunity to hit up a Sew Hungry event. It brings together both local restaurants and Food Trucks for a pseudo celebration of food. When I caught word that Sew Hungry was coming back with a fall edition, there was no doubt in my mind I’d return and try a few new places. This time I went with Vanny as Merwin was too busy gazing at his new iPhone 5 (JERK!).

We elected to walk from one end to the other and after scoping out all the trucks we’d make a decision on food. After walking to the furthest point I came upon my buddy Chris. He looked to be in a semi food coma already and recommended giving The Meatball Shoppe a shot so that’s where the day begins.

Meatball Sliders – $3 each

I elected to try three different sliders. One chicken, one angus beef and one traditional/classic. I didn’t get an opportunity to find out what the different toppings were for each sandwich. Unfortunately The Meatball Shoppe is relatively new to the Food Truck business and doesn’t have a web site so I couldn’t cheat and find out toppings. As such, all I can really touch on is taste. I’d say I enjoyed the Angus Beef Slider the most of the 3. It was hot and very juicy. It had a very different taste than the traditional ground beef slider. The Chicken Slider was OK but honestly wasn’t anything special. All of the veggies used for toppings were fresh and crisp. The buns were just the right side for the large meatballs and were also fresh. A solid start to the day.

We doubled back and agreed to hit up Gourmet Gringos next. I’d heard a lot of great things about this truck over the last couple of months and was jacked up to give their food a shot.

Tacos – 2 for $7

Mahi Mahi Tacos – 2 for $9

It was a coin flip between Tacos and a Burrito. I got the feeling a Burrito would put me down for the count. I wanted to hit up at least one more spot so I went with the “lighter choice” in tacos. I got one chicken and one pulled pork taco. Both of them were delicious. The chicken in particular was really juicy. I loved the combination of mayo & avocado topping it. All the toppings were fresh and the tortilla was warm and just the right size. The real star for me though was the hot sauce that you can see is drowning both tacos. My… GOD was that hot sauce good. I’m still on a hot sauce high but man that might be the best hot sauce I’ve ever had. I asked the owner if they made it in house and bottled it. I was ready to drop a good chunk of change to secure a few bottles. Sadly they do make it in house but don’t sell it. They said it’s something still under consideration though so I’m still holding out hope. Vanny got a Braised Short Rib (Beef) Burrito and said it was fantastic. They grill press the wrap and it makes all the difference. We actually ended up going back a second time so Vanny could get their Mahi Mahi Tacos. Like all their food prior, he said they were great as well. In fact, they were the best thing he ate that day.

Just before I left Chris at the start of the day, he had recommended giving The Dirty South a shot for their Chicken & Waffles. I felt like I was perpetuating a stereotype gunning for this food but what the hell. The line up was by far the longest of any of the trucks we’d been to. It’s almost like a backwards good sign as you know the food is that good but you’ve got to wait for it.

Dirty Southern Love – $8.50

I passed on getting maple syrup drizzled over it as I like my savoury just that. I immedately removed the middle layer of this “club sandwich.” Visually, the layer of bacon and arugila was barely there and I didn’t see the point of biting into two waffles at once. I ate the extra waffle solo and it tasted fine. The outside was just crispy enough and the inside was fluffy. The star was the buttermilk fried chicken bites. The bites had a crispy skin but were hot and juicy on the inside. The ranch dressing worked very well. I’m typically wary of ranch as I find it overpowers a lot of flavours but not in this case. The bacon sadly was barely noticeable as it was just two over fried small strips. If they sold this as a Buttermilk Chicken Bite Sandwich with just chicken and ranch sauce I’d buy 3 of them. As a whole, I wasn’t overly impressed.

So another Sew Hungry wraps up. The star of the show for me was definitely that hot sauce. As for actual food, it’d go to the chicken taco from Gourmet Gringos. I’m hopeful to cross their path again sometime in the future and try their burrito.

If you’ve never been to Sew Hungry, keep an eye out when it’ll inevitably return (I would suspect next spring). It’s always a great time with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Make sure to come hungry because you’ll want to try at least 2 if not 3 spots before it’s all said and done.


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