#SaugaTweetup IV

The first  tweetup I ever went to was SaugaTweetup. I’d been in the social side of Twitter for about 4 months and was up for taking the plunge “meeting strangers.” I took Jayme as a safety net in case everyone was a weirdo and we needed to boot it out of there. I can happily say it was a fantastic night and got the ball rolling for me to hit up so many more great events co-ordinated through Twitter. Roberto was the man with the SaugaTweetup plan then and now. Whenever he plans something, I’m always right in there. He always puts together a fun time and last night was no different.

Roberto and Chris put together an event at Alice Fazoolis across from Square One. This was by far the biggest social tweetup put together in the GTA that I’ve attended. I remember seeing the RSVPs blow up to about 40 within a couple of days. Then a few days later I saw it was up to 60 and then 80. I’m not sure of the final number but when I walked in, the room put aside for us was RAMMED!

Marcel asked me an interesting question last night. “Do you know all of these people?” It’s really telling to see how almost… stagnant the actively social side of Twitter has become. The same folks hit the same events time in and time out. I’ve made so many greats friends over the last year and a half and I’m always happy to see them. That being said, if I’m following just south of 1000 people (at the time of this writing), and I’ve only met a few hundred, where are the rest? One of the big things I try to do with who I follow it to keep it within Ontario. I follow because I eventually want to MEET people.

Last night I met lots of new people. I’d say I met more new people last night than I have over the last 6 months. Some were having an amazing time. Some sadly looked like they wanted to hang themselves out of sheer boredom. If I could give advice for anyone reading this that might not have had the best time, it is to take time to interact with people you follow. It’s one thing to follow hundreds of people and read what they have to say. It’s another to take a little time to create a quick dialogue on any number of subjects. Keep it light, like you would with an acquaintance you’d meet at any social gathering. Then if you ever come out to a Tweetup, the conversation comes naturally. Oh and if its your first time, BRING A SAFETY NET! If you bring a friend who you know you can fall back on, your comfort level rises as a result. It’s tough for people to approach someone solo, especially if they’re not having fun. On the flip side, if two folks are shooting the shit, then its easy for others to approach. Just a personal observation.

This might be the best photo I’ve ever been a part of. God I love it so much.

Big thanks to Roberto & Chris for putting SaugaTweetup IV together. Anytime you guys post a new event, you can be absolutely sure that I’ll show up. I took a few photos of the event along with the ones posted here. Pop over to A Jmoney Production (see the big banner on the right with the like button? CLICK IT!) to see the full album and any number of other photos from various Twitter events I’ve hit up in the past.


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