Back when the year started, I was sent an invitation by Amanda to a new tweetup. The plan was to host them once a month and give people a chance to go out for drinks/food after work and do a little networking while having a great time. Unfortunately, the timing for the event (typically the first Thursday of the month) never worked out for me. I work evenings and there was always a conflict between wanting to attend these tweetups and my work schedule. Well yesterday I FINALLY got a chance to hit up #AfterWorkDrinksTO and I’m really glad that I did.

Shoeless Joes at Spadina & Bloor (not Yonge & Spadina. Yes I’m aware of what I just said) was gracious enough to host us and hook up what seemed like a never ending supply of Coronas over the course of the night. The staff was on the ball going in and out of the restaurant all night to make sure everyone (must have had 30 – 40 people at its peak) was taken care of. I hope everybody tipped generously on their dinner because you can’t tip out free booze.

I was fortunate to share some laughs with a lot of new folks. Shout outs to Eric, who I’ve been yapping with for months but hadn’t met until last night. I’m also really happy to see some of my friends who I’d met outside of Twitter like Anant & Cyrus are giving the social aspect of it an open minded look. Pretty sure I’m batting 1000 when it comes to friends who I’ve suggested hit a tweetup who’ve come back with a new appreciation for the open and friendly nature of everyone that hits these events up.

Wanted to thank Casey Palmer for the photos used in this post. All photos were used with his permission. Feel free to look through the full album on his Flickr Page.

#TeamTrolling in full effect.


5 thoughts on “#AfterWorkDrinksTO

  1. Are these events open to go ? Can anybody just drop in or do you have to RSVP? Also is there a calendar where you can see when the next up coming one happens or is it all just spur of the moment?

    • Typically tweetups are an open invitation. Links are posted to twtvite.com with RSVP instructions. After that just show up, introduce yourself and you’re off to the races.

      I don’t believe there’s a calendar for tweetups. Aside from major events, the majority have a planned turnover of no more than 2 weeks. It really comes down to following and connecting with people. As you continue to branch out, you end up seeing more events announced.

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