When I first got into Twitter, I asked my buddy Kevin for 3 names that I should follow. I was looking for people that I could look to in order to meet others. One of the three people was Mr. Dan Levy. I can’t thank Kevin enough for the suggestion as Dan has always been a great friend to me since meeting last year. Friday night was his birthday party at Loudawgs Ryerson. I think I said on a few occasions “I’ve never seen so many people from Twitter where the booze wasn’t free.” ZING etc.

With the exception of very few people, this was like seeing every person active in Toronto’s social Twitter scene in one night. I was really happy to see some people I haven’t come across in upwards of a year if not more. Shout outs to Keith (where you been hiding man?) and big surprise Affan, who I think the room thought left the country to be honest.

Wanted to give a huge thanks to PartyPeopleTO for organizing this party. They always do a great job. Big props to Loudawgs Ryerson as well. I was skeptical of the location as I had no idea there was a 2nd floor. I couldn’t wrap my brain around fitting upwards to 80 people into a room designed to fit 25. I can’t thank the servers (EDIE!) and bartenders enough for all the hard work. They worked like mofos all night with a smile on their face. There’s a lot of bars out there that should send their servers to be trained by the Loudawgs staff.

In what’s becoming a regular occurrence, I’d like to thank Casey for taking so many great snapshots. Check out his album of the event on his Flickr Page.

Full photo album of the event from my camera’s perspective is up on my Facebook Page. Take a second and click the like button on the right of my site or on the page itself.


9 thoughts on “#DANcePartyTO

    • I know you hate it but I LOVED that photo. Shannon’s deadpan “what are you doing?” look is still funny as I look at it now.

      LOL the look on Kerry’s face when he put Shark Week together was priceless.

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