Eating Your Content: The Thirsty Cactus (Dundas)

As is the case lately, Merwin messaged me something random and my reply was “dude I’m hungry, let’s get lunch.” Yes at nearly 32 years old and it being 2012 the word “dude” leaves my mouth far more than it should. I’d actually been to the Thirsty Cactus 2 years ago (might be 3 years?) with Kathryn & Co. and had a very lasting memory of a Quesadilla that I wish I’d ordered. I wanted that Quesadilla and was going to have it one way or another. The Thirsty Cactus essentially does TexMex but pub style. For me that means spice and I’m about to get my cheese on.

Their patio had literally just opened that day and we were the first ones to use it. Merwin saw a HUGE Marvel Comics billboard, resulting in me explaining who Iron Fist was.

This just got really nerdy.

Anyway their web site is under re-construction so I’m going with prices from mem…or…y? OH GOD!

They start the ball rolling with a complimentary bowl of nachos and cheese. It’s nothing special, just movie theater fare. BTW someone help me out with this because I never buy nachos at the movies. Do they still do that thing where they give you 2 hot plastic pouches of cheese that you have to pour yourself? I asked a co-worker about this a few days ago (riveting conversation obviously) and he wasn’t sure either.

5 Layer Dip – $10

Get a spoon because this is not your average dip. The dip is layered with ground beef, refried beans, guacamole, salsa, and cheese. If you count the sour cream I guess it’s 6 layers? In any case, this was fantastic. Merwin and I both noted that this worked far better with the fried pita than the nachos. The chips were simply too thin to handle the sheer girth of the dip. It’s layered really well as they basically go hottest to coldest from bottom to top. It’s not like I took measurements but I’d venture to guess there were more beans than any other component and that hurt the other flavours just a bit.

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla – $11

The Thirsty Cactus does not mess around when it comes to their portions. This thing was a BEAST! I was surprised when I noted it didn’t come with a side. Then it arrived and it all made perfect sense. This was loaded up with chopped veggies, large slices of chicken and more cheese than I could handle. Some people may think less of me but I could only eat half of this thing before I was KO’d. The cheese was simply too much and completely lived up to my memory of seeing my friend eat this very dish a couple years back.

Rancheros Burrito – $10

When I saw the server put Merwin’s plate down I was dumbfounded by the size of the burrito. Then he cut it open and I burst laughing. This thing was overloaded. This particular item was on their Express Lunch Menu. A burrito that huge and a side for $10 is a total trip to Valuetown. Merwin said it tasted great but like the dip found the beans a little too much. Much like me, he could only get through half of his lunch. Despite great taste, it’s simply too much food.

We are not men. =(

If you’re in Dundas and looking for great tasting Pub food with a TexMex twist, you’ve got to pop into The Thirsty Cactus. Do yourself a favour and come hungry though, you’re going to need all the room you can muster to finish a full meal.

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4 thoughts on “Eating Your Content: The Thirsty Cactus (Dundas)

  1. Love the Kathryn & Co. shoutout! I remember that day on the patio like it was yesterday 🙂 Definitely need to get together again soon!

    • Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.

      As for Jack & Lois; thanks for the heads up. I’m a big sandwich guy and that menu looks intriguing. I’ll give them a look next week.

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