Eating Your Content: Morgan’s On The Danforth (Toronto)

Credit BlogTO for the picture.

Last week the stars aligned and I got to have dinner with Casey, Sarah, Lily & Victoria in Toronto. With the summer upon us, I plan to branch out a lot more in terms of restaurants to try out. Casey had mentioned he was a big fan of Morgan’s On The Danforth. I’m rarely on the east end of Toronto so it was a perfect opportunity to give this place a try.

Casey spotted this sign. Of course there was no way the two men of the group were going to pass up a beer with such a ridiculous name. I try to keep my beer on the lighter end of the spectrum. This tasted great. It was very light and had a fruity citrus taste to it. This kind of beer would be dangerous on a hot summer on the patio between the easy taste and the greater alcohol content.

Calamari – $12

I always feel like Calamari is a gamble. More often than not it’s either over battered with all the flavour being shot or it’s under battered + undercooked and turns into this chewy mess. Morgan’s On The Danforth did a great job finding the happy middle ground. It was just the right amount of batter. They used a Citrus Aioli that complimented the calamari really well. As a heads up, the dish isn’t that large so if you have a group of say 6 or more it’d be in your best interest to order two dishes.

Roasted Game Hen – $22

I was split between this dish and one other when I first looked at the menu online. I’ve actually never had Hen before. The Hen itself was amazing. My dish came last and it was served extremely hot. The skin had a fine crispness to it. The Hen itself was thick and really juicy. The Celeriac Mashed Potatoes left something to be desired. While the Hen was piping hot, the potatoes were lukewarm. I would suspect it was prepared and then left waiting for the Hen to finish. It’s a shame because at relatively the same temp I would have enjoyed it far more. I did enjoyed the diced bacon in the potatoes. You can’t go wrong with bacon.

Coconut Chicken Curry – $18

This was the other item that caught my eye. Victoria ordered this. The first thing the entire table noticed when this arrived was how good it smelled. I can’t even begin to describe how much I wanted to eat it after the strong curry aroma hit the table. UGH I WANT IT RIGHT NOW! Yikes… anyway I liked how the pappadums essentially shelled the chicken & vegetables inside. Victoria said she really enjoyed this. Thank goodness as I’d have been really disappointed to have a smell that great and the taste didn’t live up to the hype. No doubt in my mind I’m ordering this if/when I go back.

Wild Boar Tagliatelle – $19

This was another dish that had a great smell to it and looked fantastic when it arrived. Lily said she enjoyed it. I should have scummed some off of her. I’ve never had pasta with a Boar Bolognese before.

Unfortunately I don’t have a shot of The Double Smoke Burger that Casey & Sarah ordered. Both Casey and I took photos but the lighting was really poor and none of the pics would do it justice. It should be noted those burgers are the reason Casey & Sarah keep coming back though. He was raving about how good it was coming up to dinner and was (as per usual) very happy with his burger. Sorry about that one.

I was very happy with my first visit to Morgan’s On The Danforth. My dish lived up to expectations and between other amazing sights and smells I have no doubt I’ll be back sometime. If you’re on the east end (Danforth smack in the middle between Donlands and Coxwell) you’d be well served to pop in for some great food.

Big thanks to Casey for pic assistance. Check out his blog and make some time to read about his recent climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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