Eating Your Content: Sew Hungry 2012

I saw a post from Kitestring a couple weeks back talking about a big Food Truck Rally coming to Hamilton. I’m a huge fan of Food Trucks. The idea of a mobile restaurant is so smart. I’ve watched every episode of Eat St (you should do the same) and I’m looking forward to their 3rd season starting May 9th. Of course the key to it all is having high standards for your food at a street vendor price. The trucks at last Fridays event did just that.

For the mostpart…

Before I get started, I’d just like to say I’m going to smack Chris for finishing his Pulled Pork Parfait just as I arrived, enlightening me to how good it was, and then showing me the longest line of any Food Truck at Sew Hungry to get my hands on it.

I was joined by the one and only Merwin. Thank God because stuffing my face solo is next level sad face.

We hit up Wood Fired Pizza first. We both wanted something familiar to get the ball rolling before trying out another spot or two. The line up was manageable and the staff was working like mofos. I felt sorry for this poor man working that oven. I got a slice with Bacon, Red Onion and Hot Peppers. Merwin elected for a vegetarian.

I’ll be straight up in saying my pizza was pretty chaunced. The underside crossed over from very crisp to charred before it was taken out and it made a world of difference when I got that first bite. I couldn’t taste any bacon whatsoever despite it being integral to the name of the slice. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the underside being so burned but the crust still being too doughy. Merwin said his vegetarian had a good amount of feta and he was happy with the slice. I’ll assume I just ran bad on that particular slice and move along.

A little further down the street we found El Gastronomo Vagabundo. I saw the name and told Merwin “that name is getting my money.” He wasn’t up for what was on the menu but it was go time for me. The Biltong Tacos were fantastic. They used a double cooked Pork Belly with Jalapeno Aioli and topped it with Quickled Cabbage. I’m not typically one for Cabbage but it worked really well here. I LOVED the Pork Belly. It was crispy but at no point felt dry. The Aioli was good but I tasted zero spice. I’m convinced if it isn’t Scotch Bonnet or worse, I can’t taste heat anymore. I really enjoyed this.

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Our last stop was The Blue Donkey. Again, like a 4 year old child, I was drawn to the truck based on name alone. The logo helped too. Merwin and I had hit up Sotiris a couple weeks back and ever since I’ve been more open to trying Greek oriented food. I must admit if I got here at the start of the day, this would have been the only food I ate. The portions were ridiculous. I got the Spicy Sausage Pita with Tomato, Onion, Tzatziki, Trinidad Hot Sauce (what does that even mean?) and French Fries. This was a giant mess of a Pita. I was a little turned off over it just being a chopped Sausage. I kept thinking it’d be diced up. It was a little overcooked for my liking. I don’t mind charbroiled as long as it isn’t dried out. I still don’t know what Trinidad Hot Sauce is, but if it’s “sauce I can’t taste” then that’d be the best description. I’m sure it was there but the Tzatsiki overpowered it. The fries at the bottom added way too much density to an already thick pita. It felt like an unnecessary novelty add on. I’d say it was OK but I’d never order it again. Merwin got the Chicago Gyros Pita. Unlike myself, he was thoroughly impressed with what he got. There was no “hot sauce” in his but all other toppings were the same. I also got Feta Fries, which is exactly what you’d figure. Sadly, the fries were grossly undercooked. I tried to stick a fork in them and they’d just crumble. I ate exactly 3 of them before giving away the entire container to a couple of really pleasant ladies who were also waiting for their food. They didn’t mind the folks being useless and said it’d be “messy hand food” and dove in. More power to you.

The festival/event itself was a lot of fun. I ran into a few friends I haven’t seen in a while. The atmosphere was really upbeat and friendly. I spent almost as much time talking with complete strangers as I did with Merwin over the course of a couple hours. The food was hit or miss but I didn’t really mind. It’s more about the event and a great sense of community from people not just from Hamilton but surrounding areas. I’m looking forward to attending again next year.


6 thoughts on “Eating Your Content: Sew Hungry 2012

  1. This is amazing! I’m so sad we missed it…also still said we missed the Street Food Block Party. By the looks of it, I guess I should believe the hype about El Gastronomo Vagabundo. I seriously can’t wait for another food truck event – let’s keep each other posted…er, literally 😉

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