Eating Your Content: Chicago Style Pizza Shack

NOTE: There is no Web Site/Facebook/Twitter for this restaurant. I used Urbanspoon for all links.

Last week I met up with Dana & Marie for dinner. I’d eaten Chicago Style Pizza Shack before but only as take out in my office. There was a time where I didn’t think this place even had a sit down area. I’d just seen the flyer years ago, was told the food was insanely rich and that I had to give it a shot. I’ve been eating their Lasagna & Tortellini Alfredo for the past 6 years. I figured it was about time to check the location out and get the food fresh.

Chicago Style Pizza Shack was recently (March) featured on You Gotta Eat Here. As a result, their business has skyrocketed. We got there around 7pm and were advised of a 45 minutes – 1 hour wait. For a pizza joint, that’s a pretty long wait. Thankfully the company was great so the time flew by. I just thought it best to give everyone a heads up if you’re going for dinner, you will be waiting a while.

I didn’t get a photo of the interior and there wasn’t a decent photo in Google Images either. It was packed and I didn’t want to run a creep show. I did a quick seat count though and it looks to seat around 25 at capacity. There’s your major contributor to the turnover time.

Appy Platter $8.25

It’s a split between Fried Ravioli and Battered Mushrooms. The girls aren’t fans of Mushrooms so I tore through all of them myself. I managed to scoop one of the Ravioli and it was pretty good. I’d tried it before when it was ordered take out by one of my co workers. At the time I thought they were awful. The 1/2 hour – 45 minute delivery time doesn’t help fried food. However, being in house my impression was very different. They were crispy on the outside and just a little melted on the inside. The mushrooms were really hot and the batter was great. The Chipotle dip worked perfectly with them.

Deep Dish Pizza (Small with 3 toppings) – $18.50

Marie noticed a couple across from us order the large Stuffed Pizza and had to try it. I was glad because if she didn’t then I’d have had to order it for this blog post. I haven’t had that pizza in 6 years. Mike and I ordered it the first time we ever got take out and were in horrible pain after eating it all. We were ill prepared for the never ending amount of cheese thrown into this beast. I believe Marie ordered Pepperoni, Hot Peppers & Green Peppers. She’s completely opposed to Tomato Sauce. Our server was really helpful in making sure the kitchen didn’t put it anywhere in or on the pizza. Typically the stuffed pizza is topped with Tomato Sauce but our server suggested getting garlic butter on top. Holy mother of all that is tasty was that an amazing suggestion. It’s not something they typically do but trust me when I say it’s a major taste upgrade over tomato sauce. Marie was thoroughly impressed with the Stuffed Pizza. I stole a slice from her and with the garlic topping was mind blowing.

Chicken Parmigiana – $12.50

Both Dana and I ordered this dish. She got no meat sauce and I of course did. If there’s one thing Chicago Style Pizza Shack doesn’t do, it’s skimp on portions. This was a MONSTER! While the photo doesn’t show it, there’s a huge chicken breast buried under all that cheese. The Rigatoni was cooked to a perfect al dente. While waiting to be seated, the three of us were discussing how so many restaurants can’t get the simplest aspect of cooking pasta correctly. They do it right here. The meat sauce was thick and very rich. I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of Mozzarella they heaped on top of it all. I should note at no point did I ever feel like it was greasy. I always worry about that when dealing with so much cheese. This couldn’t have been more enjoyable.

It should come as no surprise that I was very impressed with Chicago Style Pizza Shack. With the exception of the wait, everything else was fantastic. Our server was very helpful (the garlic topping earned an extra tip from me), the food was all fresh and tasted delicious. Considering the price point and portion size, there’s huge value in hitting it up as well. If you’re in Hamilton and looking for either pizza or pasta, make your way to Chicago Style Pizza Shack.
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4 thoughts on “Eating Your Content: Chicago Style Pizza Shack

  1. I just ate here last night – fantastic! Their deep dish is incredible, and the deep fried mushrooms were great (my girlfriend wasn’t a big fan either – maybe these are guy food?).

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