Eating Your Content: Black Forest Inn

So about a month ago I was having lunch with Mikki asking about spots she’d recommend for the 52 in 52. She gave me 2 suggestions; Wild Orchid and Black Forest Inn. I ran the two spots by Vanny and he was very high on the latter choice. The words “large portions” and “good price” were music to my ears. If you read last week’s blog you know Wild Orchid didn’t pan out. I’ll be returning there on 02/01 if anyone cares to join me. The Black Forest Inn thankfully did pan out. I was joined this time around by Vanny, Marie and Sam.

Yes I stole the picture. We went at dinner time and well… I forgot to take one with my phone. Truth be told I’d have likely blown it on the photo because I would never have figured the venue was that huge. I walked by the dining area on the far right. When we got to the front door on the far left, I figured the first dining area belonged to another restaurant. Nope, this place is THAT BIG!

I wanted all of those beer steins. Sadly it didn’t dawn on me to ask if they were for sale. We were greeted by the manager. After a slight table mixup (Sam beat Marie and I to the restaurant) we were seated in a booth on the left side. Sam immediately pointed out that they have Schooners of Stiegl. I’m never one to turn down a Schooner or try a new beer. The first question I asked was whether it’s a lighter beer or not. I’m not big on dark beers (I know I know I’m missing out) and Sam assured me it wasn’t. It reminded me a bit of Heineken but a little… sweet? It was enjoyable and I rocked two Schooners over dinner so I can’t say I had any complaints. Vanny and Sam both told Marie and I as rookies not to touch the bread as dinner was going to be more than enough. How big could it possibly be?

Small Caesar Salad – $6.90

Three of us got this salad as part of our meal after a small upgrade fee. The plate was massive and the salad was great. I’m a sucker for really garlic croutons and this had them in spades. I would have loved a little Asiago cheese on top but that’s just being particular. I knew after getting through the salad that the guys weren’t exaggerating about the size of our dinner.

Schnitzel Husar – $13.50

This picture can’t begin to do the sheer size of this dish justice. THIS WAS HUGE! The schnitzel itself was cooked to perfection. I was expecting a little more kick to the Papricka Sauce covering this monster but no big deal. The bacon was cooked juuuuuust crisp enough (Dana you’d have loved the bacon). We were given the choice of Home Fries, Rice or Spaetzle for a side. I’d never had Spaetzle so that was a no brainer. At first glance I thought it to be a pasta but the texture was far thicker. Our server (beyond helpful and pleasant) explained it as almost akin to a dumpling. Truth be told I wasn’t high or low on it. I felt like it should be dressed with something. The guys got the Home Fries but they weren’t anything special either. I had a weird flashback to the first time I’d been to The Egg And I. That’s not such a great memory. Anyway, back to the dish. I’m a big fan of peppers so the assorted hot peppers were a great touch. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

There are 11 different Schnitzels on the menu and odds are good I’ll be trying them all over time.

Schnitzel A La Paris – $14.60

Sam got this and it looked so good. It’s a crispy schnitzel pan fried in egg batter on the bottom (covered the entire plate, I couldn’t believe the size). On top was toast with caviar and smoked salmon. I really should have hit him up for a bite before he dug in. He thought it was fantastic.

Chocolate Mousse Torte – $4.20

I’m not typically one for sweets but this was the perfect way to end dinner. It was just sweet enough and an amazing texture. The whip cream didn’t add much. I think I’m ruined on whip cream after dessert a couple weeks ago. I blame whatever abomination Demetre‘s used that day.

I know the last two reviews have been somewhat on the fence in my thoughts but there’s no doubt in my mind when it comes to the Black Forest Inn. I’d highly recommend anyone in Hamilton or anywhere for that matter take the time to hit up this amazing restaurant. The portions vs price really can’t be beat. With all the restaurants I have on my list this year I don’t know if I’ll be back any time soon but I guarantee I will definitely be back.
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